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​​​​​​​​​​Natasha Gray developed a love for music at a very young age. Coming from a christian family filled with musicians and singers, she was heavily influenced through the church environment. Inspired by how powerful a message through song could touch the heart of a person in distress, she began to realize her true purpose and use her gifting to be a voice of hope. Growing up in a Christian home has influenced every part of her life. She lives her life fully in the idea of loving without restraint as she has been taught this by the ultimate teachings of Jesus Christ and his example as he has loved the world. This idea fuels the ministry inside of Natasha. Through her life experiences she has learned that in Christ there is complete forgiveness, love and redemption. It is her desire to spread this message in the music that she sings and writes about. Every person in the earth has a chance to live a life full of liberty in Jesus Christ. He saves, He redeems and He restores. 
Natasha's music is filled with the message of hope and coming into the knowledge that Christ will always be there with us through every step we must take. Life is full of uncertainty, but with Christ there is always security. 

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